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"Do not be afraid." David jumped around, his body flush with adrenaline. He had been alone in the room, or at least that's what he thought. Fortunately, he had managed to put his pants on. "Who are you?" he managed. Someone was there, in the room, on the other side of the bed from him. He couldn't understand how he got past the agents outside. "My name is Ra'ken," the man said. "We need to talk." "How did you get here?" David asked, trying to decide whether shouting would be a good idea. "I will explain. Please finish dressing and then we can go outside so you can feel safer. I did not mean to scare you." David felt a bit ridiculous but he was old enough to know that just because someone tells you they don't want to harm you it doesn't mean it's true. He finished putting a shirt on. "Shall we?" he asked, turning his head back to the other man. "After you," the man said. David…