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Random N out of M

Someone asked about randomly picking N elements out of an array of M, and I remembered reading about one way of doing that, so here it is:

    private static IEnumerable<int> Generate(Random rnd, int n, int m) { var i = 0; while (n > 0) { var r = rnd.NextDouble(); if (r < (double) n / m) { yield return i; n--; } m--; i++; } }

The above C# method assumes 0 < N <= M and will return an IEnumerable<int> containing exactly N numbers in the 0 .. M - 1 interval. This method can even be used to pick items out of a stream without waiting for the whole stream to be produced first.

A simpler method would be to just do this:

    for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) { do { var next = rnd.Next(m); while (!alreadyGenerated(next)); yield return next; } but this one requires 1) saving all numbers (to check if one was already generated) and 2) having t…