Saturday, December 30, 2017

Fan-fiction recommendations

I posted this to HN and I realized it might be useful for other people. If at least one person who wasn't aware of fan-fiction discovers it as a result, this has served its purpose.

For Buffy fans, TTH has a huge number of stories, both in-universe and crossovers with other worlds. Speakertocustomers, Becuzitswrong, Cordyfan, DianeCastle and Hotpoint are a few of my favorite authors. Hotpoint's crossover between X-COM and SG-1 is absolutely amazing.

For other worlds, FF, SB, SV and AO3 are the most well-known sites for fanfiction. One of my favorite stories is Taylor Varga.

What I normally do is I download the stories in the .mobi format - TTH and AO3 have that feature in the site, and for the others you can use the FanFicFare plugin for Calibre - and then upload them to my Kindle. This allows me to read in bed, which is bad for my sleep but I like it :)

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