Sunday, June 12, 2011

Communist USA

Here's something I never thought I'd see in the US (as bad as I believe it has become):

Ideas Matter, a pro-IP propaganda site build by Microsoft and others, has the following on their About page:

In the words of President Barack Obama: "Our single greatest asset is..."

Bear with me while I'm freaking out here. I grew up in communist Romania until I was 18. Any time you wanted to write something - including in school essays - we would have to quote the beloved president. Freaking programming books, few as they were, would have something that the president said in their introduction.

What the hell???


Anonymous said...

Seriously, that's it? Somebody quotes Obama and bam, we're communist? Wow.

Marcel said...

It's an instinctive reaction. I read that and went back to a childhood of planned power outages, 8-hour lines to buy milk and having to write essays on the advantages of our communist economy over the filthy capitalist one of the US. (Hehe, if they only knew...)