Sunday, October 02, 2011

TDD by example - first book

This is an alpha version of a TDD booklet I wrote. As I said earlier, I plan on writing several of these.

TDD by example - Evaluating an expression [pdf]

It's a hands-on book; if you don't plan to follow it by writing code, it might not be of any help. The intended target are people who have done no TDD at all, or who tried it and couldn't make it work. If you have experience doing TDD, this book will probably look childish.

Feedback will be strongly appreciated. Positive if at all possible, but even "it sucks" is better than nothing :)

The book is also available from Amazon for $4.99 for Kindle (if you're in the US or Canada; I know Amazon changes the price in other countries) or $14.99 in paperback.

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