Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm an idiot

I worked on a crapload of small ASP.NET projects where I spent a lot of time on user management: add users, edit users, change roles, verify roles and so on. This includes tiny projects like a tiny website where the content of about 10 pages can be edited by the customer (mostly by adding news). They'll never have more than one person doing these edits, their primary business is totally unrelated to computers.

Well, I was reading this article by Scott Hanselman and what do I see:

Does it need an administrative console?, I ask. He says that'd be nice, but it wasn't spec'ed out. He figured this would be pretty low rent. The client even suggested (gasp) that they could just maintain a local XML file.

How on Earth can I be so stupid? I always knew that ASP.NET had this feature... it just never crossed my mind to use it. Dammit.

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