Saturday, August 18, 2007

Copyright considered harmful

Like that's any news coming from me :) However, I just found this page - Unofficial Honorverse Mod in which (at the bottom) a Chris Roensch explains how his company cannot allow fans to create a free Homeworld mod based on the Honorverse because it would dilute their "intellectual property" rights (whoever invented this phrase should be shot) for their upcoming movies and games based on the same universe.

Of course, it will came as no great surprise that no such games and movies have been produced since the end of 2005... and I'm willing to bet that movies, at least, never will. (Not to mention that I'm also quite certain that any games that will be produced officially will suck big time. They usually do.)

So, another thing that does NOT get created because of the so-called IP rights. Yay for progress.